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Thank you for your interest in Slingshot Insights.  Please enjoy our beta version for no membership fee while we prepare for our new site's launch this fall!

Professional investors have used tools to learn about companies and products for years that are out of reach for individuals.

Now that changes.


Slingshot Insights helps people diligence single name stocks by speaking with experts, management teams, running surveys, and discovering/tracking important upcoming catalysts.


Members propose Research Projects and gain affordable access to experts.  Slingshot assigns an expert, and members split the cost of the interview.


All Expert Interviews are systematically recorded, transcribed, and made available for future reference.

Share research costs

Professional investors speak to experts not about how to invest their money, but to learn about what they are investing in. They learn about relevant topics such as drug data, new product launches, and complex legal situations from people who understand them. It isn't cheap to do alone, so Slingshot Insights lets members share these costs.

Collaborate on questions

Since the members are splitting the costs, we facilitate an easy collaboration on what questions get asked on a call. To help members learn the right kind of questions to ask, former investment professionals with years of experience weigh in on projects and can even lead calls for the group.

Discover catalysts

Making the most of expert calls is as much an art as any aspect of investing. Slingshot Insights' catalyst monitor lets members find upcoming inflection points in a story before everyone is talking about them. That way members know when and where to do their research - getting the full picture before the big moves occur.